A Few Exercises That Beat Flabby The Arm Jiggle

It is totally possible to get rid of those excess unwanted body fat that resides on the back of your arms. You can beat the arm jiggle by changing the exercise routine and by doing few simple alterations in your diet.
Add Aerobic Exercise in your daily routine for 30 Minutes
Are you doing cardiovascular exercises regularly? If not, then it’s the time to do them. To get rid of flabby arms and also for the burning of fat from all over your body, you should start 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercises daily.  In 2012, the American Journal of Physiology published a study in which it was stated that the participants who exercised daily for 30 minutes lost the same amount of body fat as of those who participated in 60 minutes of aerobics daily.
Start Interval Training
You can also lose the excessive arm fat by adding interval training to your exercise routine. In 2011, the Journal of Obesity published a study which states that for three days in a week, short alternating periods of high-intensity workouts with recovery periods of lower intensities workouts for 20 minutes, is one of the most effective approaches for reducing fat.
Add Upper-Body Resistance Exercises to your exercise regimen
In 2007, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise published a study which states that as it is hard to burn the fat in a specific targeted area of your body but by the arm, fat can be reduced by doing upper-body resistance exercise daily. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests to practice on each muscle group for two to three days in a week and perform two to four sets with  8 to 20 repetitions of each exercise. So if you want to know what are those upper-body resistance exercises that work your biceps, your triceps, your shoulders and the upper back?.  The exercises include arm curls, triceps kickbacks,  triceps extensions, chest press,  shoulder press, bent-over deltoid raises, front raises, upright rows and, bent-over rows.
Make Refined Changes in Your Diet

Along with the exercises, there are subtle dietary changes like lowering your calorie intake and reducing the extra sugar, or to boost the protein intake in your diet to help you to get rid of flabby arms. In 2011, The Journal of Nutrition published a study which states that subjects who have exercised regularly and took fewer than usual calories in their diet and have consumed a lot of proteins approximately 30 percent of the total calories, has burned more fats than those who have consumed lesser proteins. This includes the proteins from calcium-rich dairy foods.
What to consider if you have loose skin?

When you have reached your ideal weight by reducing a huge amount of fats, then your flabby arms are due to the saggy and loose skin. In this case, consult the doctor about methods of reducing it. As some people who have undergone extreme weight loss requires surgery to remove the excess skin. You can try some tightening masks while losing weight to lessen the loose skin after the weight loss.