10 Foods That Fight Stress

In the present day of chaos and noise stress has become a very common problem. Every second man, women and even children are suffering from depression. Depression causes cortisol to rise in the body. This in return increases one’s cravings for food especially sweet products which result in weight increase. However, there are some foods that help reduce stress level, thus the level of cortisol. So from now onwards you don’t need to go to the psychiatrists to cure your depression. On the other hand, you can simply increase the intake of certain food to let go anxiety.

Folate filled food

Very important food in this context are the ones rich in folate which raises the circulation of dopamine that calms our brain. Usually, the green vegetables contain a larger amount of folate. Green veggies such as spinach, peas, broccoli, etc. fall in this category. Moreover, lentils also come under this heading


How can we forget the importance of chocolate in this context? Especially dark chocolate reduces cortisone and level the blood pressure. So all those depressed people out there do buy chocolates while doing grocery because it will definitely help you control your mood swings.

Garlic, Onions, and leeks

These three are rich in allicin which can neutralize radicals that are free and damage our cells. Thus eating these three can help control anxiety.


Bananas are not only delicious but really important in controlling stress level because they fill up 30% of our daily Vitamin B6 requirement. This Vitamin aids your brain on pumping out serotonin which is responsible for the lifting of mood.


Another healthy source of controlling anxiety is fish intake. Fish being rich in Omega 3 helps to manage stress inducing hormones.

Green tea and nuts

Other products such as green tea and nuts especially walnuts are helpful for stress relief


Being rich in carbohydrates increase consumption of oats increases the production serotonin. This calms us and controls stress.


We also need to include protein rich foods such fish, eggs beans, etc. These foods possess amino acid tryptophan that aids the production of serotonin. As said earlier it controls happiness

Zinc rich food

Next, we need to search for zinc rich products if we are undergoing stress. Zinc products may be cashews, oysters, yogurt, beef, etc. Zinc products may also prove to be handy in stress control.


No doubt berries are very tasty. But have you ever thought how useful these berries could be in our daily routine? This would be good news for depression patients that instead of taking medicines tasty food can cure their disease. Berries being full of antioxidants raise the production of killing cells. Thus they make our immune system strong. This in return keeps stress away.


So all you stressed people out there make a list of food you should eat daily to keep stress far away from you. These things are not only cheap but also readily available. Moreover, you will not have to go to the doctor. You can sit home and get the cure.